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Enjoy enterprise-like phone features, without the cost.

Our managed voice solution shifts your company’s PBX phone system into the cloud. Rather than continually investing in new on premise PBX hardware, let our virtual solution manage your call routing. A cloud PBX is a powerful phone system that uses your company’s existing data connection and wiring. It not only saves you from purchasing expensive PBX hardware, but its on-going management expense. How internet calling (VOIP) works:

  •     We provide the phone and router to connect to the internet.
  •     We port your number within 5 working days.
  •     You make calls via the internet, and save money.

Benefits For Your Business:

Consolidate your communications to reduce costs.

Reliable, secure, continuous service.

Save time with online, real-time call management.

No extra wiring costs.

Easy to grow – add phones via plug and play.

Simple install – singular port for your phone and PC.
  • Fully managed phone system, no need for you to be an expert or tie up internal IT time.
  • Phones (and users) can be located at any of your branches.
  • Calls between branches are free and better call routing can reduce external call costs.
  • Presence information saves time and unnecessary calls, as you can see when people are available (or not) no matter where they are based.
  • No capital expenditure required.

Our VOIP phones are designed for busy managers, office workers and front-line staff.

  • Standardised on the Cisco range.
  • Delivered to your site pre-configured.
  • Desk phones work just like the phones you’re used to.

With our managed voice solution, you preserve capital and simplify management. There’s no phone system hardware or software to buy. There’s no wiring to install. Simply use your existing data wiring and internet connection.

Simply choose a toll free number or word that suits your business. Your customers’ calls are then billed to your ICONZ account.

Prospects are more likely to call with enquiries, regardless of location. Existing customers will also appreciate the fact that you value their business.

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