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Get a fast, secure data network via ICONZ-Webvisions’ superior Cloud platform

The way you access computational power in the future, is in the cloud. Software, platform, storage and infrastructure are all being moved to cloud services. 
When it comes to moving data to where it needs to be (data networking), there are both technical and a financial issues to consider. And Auckland based ICONZ-Webvisions offers businesses enterprise grade computing power, to help address your current computing woes.
ICONZ-Webvisions is a cloud and managed services provider with more than 20 years' experience, currently serving 40,000+ customers. Headquartered in Singapore, its operations span across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and New Zealand.
"It doesn't matter whether your data's 100% on-premise or 100% in the cloud. What really matters, is finding the right balance. You need to consider CAPEX vs OPEX costs, staff resources, data security, hardware life-spans, demand fluctuations and your true core competencies - amongst the many variables. Only then, can we help you decide on the correct (hybrid) cloud for your organisation," says Jack Talbot from ICONZ-Webvisions.
This is where ICONZ-Webvisions' superior cloud computing experience can save you from unnecessary costs and future headaches.
On ICONZ-Webvisions' cloud platform, customers can react, scale and grow on demand. "ICONZ-Webvisions' cloud is driven by your specific and unique application requirements, rather than given out in large, often unused chunks," adds Jack.
The way forward for cloud computing is to buy processing capacity on an incremental basis, as and when you need. ICONZ-Webvisions' cloud hosting is on-demand computing, meaning you only pay for the computing power that you actually use. With ICONZ-Webvisions you also get their specialist knowledge every step of the way
"ICONZ-Webvisions offers businesses enterprise grade computing power without the hassle, risk and expense of buying and managing your own hardware setup," adds Jack.
ICONZ-Webvisions are industry leaders in the latest cloud technology. In January this year ICONZ-Webvisions introduced public cloud hosting without a contracted duration, in what was a first for a company in New Zealand.
ICONZ-Webvisions are committed to delivering secure and reliable solutions, making them the trusted partner of mid-tier enterprises. "We work with clients through a consultative approach, to enhance their productivity by leveraging cloud computing technologies," adds Jack.
Make ICONZ-Webvisions your preferred choice when it comes to New Zealand IT service brokers.

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