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ICONZ-Webvisions changes name to ICONZ

ICONZ-Webvisions has announced that it will operate in New Zealand as ICONZ, effective from today. Founded in 1992 as the Internet Company of New Zealand, the company traded as ICONZ shortly after. Today’s name change shows the company going back to its origins.

“The ICONZ brand has 20+ years of goodwill behind it. It’s what many of our customers, our suppliers and even our staff colloquially call the company. Reverting our operations back to ICONZ, shows our focus and dedication to our NZ-based business,” says Jack Talbot, General Manager, ICONZ.

Talbot continues, “ICONZ started as one of New Zealand’s first ISPs. We brought innovative internet solutions to kiwis before most had even heard of the internet. Under ICONZ, we intend to keep launching new innovations to our core business audience.”

The Company’s change back to ICONZ coincides with the launch of its new website. The new website can be found at Elements showing ICONZ-Webvisions will be updated in due course. Company email addresses will also migrate to the suffix, as a part of the change. Overseas operations will continue to trade as ICONZ-Webvisions.

For more information, contact ICONZ on 0800 843 638.

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