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Shift your firm’s phone system into the cloud, with Auckland-based technology leaders, ICONZ-Webvisions.

The innovative iWV Calling solution moves your company’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system into the cost-effective cloud.

“Rather than continually investing in new on-premise PBX hardware, let our cloud-based solution manage all your company’s call routing,” says Jack Talbot from Auckland-based ICONZ-Webvisions.

iWV Calling is a virtual, powerful, phone system which uses your company’s existing data connection and wiring. iWV Calling saves you from purchasing expensive PBX hardware, and its on-going management expense.

Fully compatible with iWV Calling, iWV Deskphone is a range of industry leading handsets. “Our Cisco VOIP phones are designed for busy managers, office workers and front-line staff,” says Jack.
All phones offer an easy-to-use interface, rich audio quality and productivity features. Ideal for any staff level, the range includes; 2-line all-purpose phones, 4 and 6-line professional phones and 8-line touch screen phones.

Using iWV Calling and iWV Deskphone, you can maintain capital and streamline management. There’s no phone system hardware or software to buy and no wiring to install. You simply use your existing data wiring and internet connection.

The professionals at ICONZ-Webvisions handles ongoing maintenance, support, moves, adds, changes, infrastructure patches, upgrades, refreshes and all the hardware/software requirements for new features.

Other key features of iWV Calling includes more reliability and resilience than an on-premise phone system. There is no need to keep your staff equipment-trained/certified. Phones can be refreshed after each contract term.

ICONZ-Webvisions also offer a fantastic range of mobile calling plans to suit various usage scenarios. “Whether you need basic mobiles for calls / texts, or want to add extensive mobile data - we have plans to suit,” says Jack.

“We can customise plans to include calling minutes, texts and data in one cost effective bundle. If you have several mobile users, we enable free calling between mobiles on the one account,” adds Jack. “Your team can also share data from a common pool which means they can work more effectively, remotely.” 

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